Starting years of Adult Schools in California

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Adult Education in California has a one hundred fifty year tradition beginning with the first classes for adults at Old St. Mary's Cathedral in 1856. As a part of the Sesquicentennial Celebration, there is a state-wide effort to identify when each adult education program first started. The task is challenging because many programs had interruptions in service over the years, and institutional memory was lost.

To assist in the process, a group of volunteers researched both key documents in the California Adult Education Archives and the California School Directory collection, years 1918 -1978, that is located in the State Library. The information linked here lists currently active adult programs, the earliest date that there is evidence that adult education classes were provided, the names of those early programs, and the source of the data. You may download the data in Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Please find your school on the chart and review the data.

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